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Kansas Bureau of Investigations

The Safe and Secure Schools Unit with the Kansas State Department of Education is excited to announce the launch of a new reporting tool for school and community safety.  The Unit has been working in collaboration with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation to release the Suspicious Activity Report (SAR).  The SAR does not take the place of calling 911 in an immediate emergency. Rather, it is intended for students, staff, parents, and community members to report suspicious activity.  The KBI receives the report and reviews, analyzes, and acts on the information accordingly.  For tracking purposes, the applicant is given a receipt number but the report remains anonymous if the user wishes.


    The SAR can be accessed at, or by clicking an icon either on the Safe and Secure School’s website ( or the KBI website ( 


    In addition, the QR Code below has been created as a fast, easy way to connect to the SAR via a cell phone camera.  Simply opening the camera on a cell phone and pointing at the QR Code will direct the individual to the SAR.  This QR Code is designed to print out and post anywhere throughout the school, sports complex, bus, etc. for easy access.


    Additional information will be provided this fall to help school districts inform students, staff, and parents about the purpose and use of SAR.


    The Safe and Secure Schools Unit would like to thank those at the KBI for their dedication with helping us keep Kansas schools safe.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Susan McMahan or John Calvert as listed below.






    Susan McMahan
    School Safety Specialist (Lead)
    Safe and Secure Schools Unit
    (785) 296-4946

    John Calvert
    School Safety Specialist
    Safe and Secure Schools Unit
    (785) 296-7056